Morgan Moses Virginia #78 Morgan Moses, OT, Virginia

#78 Morgan Moses, OT, Virginia
HGT: 6-6 WGT: 325





2013- Moses made the switch from right to left tackle. Named: Preseason All-ACC … Outland Trophy Watch List … Lombardi Award Watch List … Phil Steele preseason All-America fourth team … Beyond Sports Network preseason All-America second team … Phil Steele preseason All-ACC first team … Athlon Sports preseason All-ACC second team. 2012- Started 11 of 12 games at right tackle, did not start vs Wake Forest, but played as the game went on. Selected by Coaches All-ACC honorable mention … VaSID All-State first-team … Named: Phil Steele preseason All-ACC first team … Phil Steele preseason All-America fourth team … Outland Trophy Watch List … Lombardi Award Watch List. 2011- Started all 13 games at right tackle. Selected Phil Steele Postseason List All-ACC third-team … Named: Blue Ribbon All-ACC preseason pick … Phil Steele’s preseason All-ACC fourth team. 2010- Played in 11 of 12 games, seeing 583 snaps. Selected: Phil Steele’s Postseason fourth-team Freshman All-American … Honorable Mention Freshman All-American … VaSID Rookie of the Year … VaSID second-team all-state … recipient of the Z Society Dudley Award.



Size- Morgan Moses possesses great size (6’6, 325) with very long arms and good overall length. Moses is thick through the lower body. Overall, Moses is a massive human being.

Strength/Power/Explosiveness- Moses displays good strength and power at the point of attack, showing hip explosion of the ball which allows him to knock defenders off of the line and get push. Shows good upper body strength and explosion when he delivers a blow in the run game or punches in pass protection. Shows the overall strength needed to anchor in pass protection.

Run Blocking- Moses maintains an ideal base which allows him to generate and use lower body strength, as I mentioned above, Moses displays good strength and power at the point of attack, showing hip explosion off the ball which allows him to knock defenders off of the line and get push. Moses combination of size, strength and explosiveness off the ball allows him to quickly engage and drive defenders off of the point, often resulting in pancake blocks. Shows the feet and hand placement to reach edge defenders. Shows the short area quickness needed to pull and get out on the perimeter. Takes good angles to the 2nd level and often engulfs linebackers when blocking them. Morgan Moses shows physicality in the run game and does not hesitate to finish off defenders when he has the chance to.


Pass Protection- Maintains ideal pass-pro demeanor, with good, but not great, knee bend. Keeps an ideal base, never bringing his feet too close together. Really snaps in to his set with urgency, and is able to kick slide to create space and “build his house” to deliver a violent punch. Moses looks very smooth and natural kick sliding and shows enough lower and upper body strength to anchor against the bull rush. Displays good punch timing and shows the ability to gain inside hand placement to gain control and lockout defenders. Shows flashes of being able to use his arm length, strength and quick set to neutralize edge rushers.




 Areas of Improvement:


Core Strength- Morgan Moses is a massive individual, as a mentioned earlier, but appears to be carrying extra weight around the mid-section. Although appearance is not always reality of a situation, I believe Moses lacks the core strength needed to support his frame. Moses often bends at the waist and gets to much weight forward, this leads to Moses becoming “top heavy.” Even in short area situations, Moses’ feet get going in one direction and he often struggles when he needs to quickly redirect, this often leads to him falling forward when trying to make contact on moving defender, “wiffing” on blocks in space and even falling off of blocks while engaged when defenders suddenly attempt to shed his block.


Foot quickness/ Consistency in pass sets- There are times when Morgan Moses under sets and lets his feet go dead and struggles to run edge rushers over the top and past the pocket, he results to yanking defenders which as led to some holding calls when he faces explosive edge rushers. On the other hand, there are times where he over sets and allows rushers to take the inside, and is not able to cut off the inside, this has lead to him being beat inside. Because of Moses’ consistently average foot quickness, and overall lack of ability to change directions quickly when asked to mirror and cut off defenders, he must improve on the consistency of his pass sets to give him a chance at success vs NFL pass-rushers.





With the combination of size, power and physicality, Morgan Moses is a very intriguing prospect that shows flashes of dominance on film, keyword being “flashes.” Moses made the switch from right to left tackle in 2013 and has held up good, not great, after many people questioned how the transition would benefit him. Many people, myself included, believe because of the lack of overall foot quickness and inability to quickly change directions, Moses is better suited to play as a right tackle or even kick inside to guard in the NFL. Morgan Moses will need to continue to keep his weight in check, 2013 has seen Moses drop his playing weight down to 325lbs, past years Moses played in the 355lbs range. If Moses can continue to improve on being more consistent in his performance, he will be a solid draft prospect that will have value as both a tackle and a guard.