Vinston Painter Virginia Tech 222x300  #71 Vinston Painter, OT, Virginia Tech#71 Vinston Painter, OT, Virginia Tech

HGT: 6-5 WGT: 310


Vinston Painter originally came to Virginia Tech as a defensive lineman before he was switched to offensive line in the spring of his freshman year. Painter then spent the next 3 seasons as a back-up guard, who played sparingly until this season when he registered all 13 of his career starts. In 2012, Vinston Painter started all 13 games at right tackle for Virginia Tech and graded out in the mid-80% range every week. Painter’s performance earned the 1st year starter All-ACC honorable mention as voted on by the coaches in the conference.



Vinston Painter has  good size, with a very lean frame, I’ve heard he is under 10% body fat, this will allow him to put on even more muscle mass. Painter has nice long arms. Painter possesses very good athleticism and shows good mobility. Painter has good strength (weight room numbers 465lbs bench press; 530lbs back squat and 485lbs front squat). Painter is a natural knee-bender and is able to play with decent pad level for a guy his size. Painter maintains a good base and plays with good body control, on film is rarely off-balance or on the ground. Painter shows the quick feet and the agility to change directions which allows him to mirror defenders, all things you like to see for an offensive tackle. Very natural kick-slider in pass protection, always looks comfortable when he is kicking and has good patients. Is able to latch on to defenders and use his long arms to lock-out. Has a quick get-off in the run game and is able to engage defenders to get push and sustain blocks. Does a good job combo blocking with guard.


Painter must improve the consistency of his pass sets, at times he under sets speed-rushers, and other times he over sets and gets beat to the inside with a quick move. Tends to drop his head and lunge at defenders. At times allows defenders in to his chest. Needs to improve punch timing in pass-protection, this will help him deliver a violent punch. Must work on over-all use of hands and hand placement. Needs to improve cutting defenders off on the back-side of run. Often looks lost and hesitates when climbing to the 2nd level, must take better angles. I do not consistently see Painter apply his elite weight room strength on the field.  Would like to see more of a mean streak and violent finish to blocks from an athlete of his caliber.



Vinston Painter’s raw athleticism and freak strength as left me wondering why there is not a lot of buzz around him heading in to the combine. Painter will test extremely well in Indy and will lead NFL scouts to go back and turn on tape of Painter. Painter is a work in progress with tremendous upside, that in 2012, showed flashes of what he could be once his skill-set is fully developed. My opinion is that Painter’s lack of experience at tackle led to him playing hesitant, this can be coached up. Painter will be a good mid to late round selection that will develop in to a starting right tackle at some point.

  #71 Vinston Painter, OT, Virginia Tech