Weston Richburg Colorado St #70 Weston Richburg, C, Colorado St.

#70 Weston Richburg, C, Colorado St.
HGT: 6-4 WGT: 305




Weston Richburg has started every game since 2010, 49 starts ( 13/13 in 2013; 12/12 in 2012; 12/12 in 2011 and 12/12 in 2010) and looks to continue to add to that total with the remaining games in 2013. 2012: For the second consecutive year was named a candidate for the Rimington Trophy, an award given annually to the nation’s most outstanding center, and was also named to the Outland Trophy (best interior lineman) and Rotary Lombardi Award (top lineman or linebacker) preseason watch lists…started at center in all 12 games for the Rams. Consistently graded out above 90%, leading the offensive line. Led the offensive line unit in knockdown blocks. Was penalty-free all season. 2011: A Rimington Trophy candidate, one of four sophomores on the preseason watchlist for the nation’s best center, was the anchor of the Rams’ offensive line and started all 12 games, 10 at center and two at offensive tackle… A second-team all-conference selection (MW coaches/media, Phil Steele). 2010: A first-team Freshman All-America center (Phil Steele, CollegeFootballNews.com) and honorable-mention all-Mountain West Conference, started all 12 games for the Rams, the first three at guard and the final nine at center…Did not have a bad snap all season and allowed only one sack all year, and no other pressures…Posted a team-high 54 knockdown blocks and also led the team with 22 outstanding efforts and 12 “Meyer mauls,” the coveted game-film award distributed by former offensive coordinator/line coach Pat Meyer…Graded out at 85 percent or better in every contest, and was the line’s most valuable player on eight occasions. 2009: Redshirted as a true freshman.




Size- Weston Richburg possesses good overall size (6-4, 305) and good length. Richburg appears to be a lean and proportionate at 305lbs with good muscle tone.

Toughness/Durability- Richburg has started 49 straight games to date, including a stint in 2010 where he broke his right hand (snap hand) and learned to snap with his left hand. During this time, came the 1st bad snap of his career (he has 2 career bad snaps). Also started at tackle his 1st game with a cast on his right hand.

Athleticism/Foot work/Movement skills- Richburg is a good enough athlete that displays a combination of good, not great, foot work and above average movement skills, consistently able to get out and affectively execute blocks in space. Richburg consistently plays with a good base and decent knee bend and has overall good flexibility that allows him to maintain low pad level for the most part. Displays good balance, rarely do you see Richburg off balance or on the ground due to non-contact.

Strength/Power/Explosion- Richbrug plays with good upper and lower body strength. Shows good upper body explosion when delivering a quick punch and shows off the strength to stop defenders charge and lockout on them. Shows good hip explosion off the snap of the ball, uncoiling his hips to engage and leverage defenders. Because of his strength, Richburg is able handle and neutralize head-up nose tackles both in the run game and in pass protection.

Run Blocking- Stout at the point of attack, showing good explosion and power off the ball which allows him to get movement even on head-up and tight shades. Effective uses his hands to deliver a blow and gain leverage and control of defenders. Shows the proper foot work and hand placement when asked to reach defenders or cut off backside techniques. Displays his movement skills, foot work and balance when asked to snap and pull as a lead blocker, also shows the ability to dip his hips and explode into defenders on contact while pulling. Does a good job keeping his shoulders square, while getting push, when asked to combo block with guards and climb to the second level to block linebackers in zone concepts.

Pass Protection- Shows the ability to snap, set and punch, without taking himself out of position. Shows he can set back and over to create space when he is in a one-on-one situation and slide in any direction to affectively give help to his guards. Displays the feet to mirror defenders, does a good job staying on the same level as everyone else, which allows him to bump and pass of line stunts. Shows good punch timing and delivers a violent punch to stop the charge of defenders. Anchors really well against the bull rush, by sinking his hips and reworking to latch with inside hand placement.



Areas of Improvement:


Hand Carriage- In my opinion, there are times when Richburg carries his hands too low, which allows defenders to gain leverage with inside hand placement in to his chest. Richburg’s only counter is to try to fight his hands underneath, but at that point he has lost control because of a lack of leverage, when this happens, he really has to fight to not give up ground. Would like to see Richburg carry his hands higher than his waist line.

Pass Protection demeanor- At times, Weston Richburg has a little too much forward lean and becomes straight legged with weight over his toes in his pass protection demeanor. In combination with his low hand carriage, these issues may make him susceptible to being push pulled. I would like to see Richburg maintain his knee bend to sink his hips and only have a slight natural lean, which will allow him to bring his feet and hips to counter the push-pull or tug and club.

Extending “Target Zone”- Something I noticed on film was that Richburg under targets his land mark on defenders when asked to reach head-up or tight shades. He did a good job stalemating or keeping defenders flat, but was not able to fully get to the play-side shoulder to hook them. This will be a slight technique tweak, that can be fixed very easily. In order to reach and hook these shades you need to “over target” your land mark on the defender, you do this by picturing yourself reaching the shade with your back shoulder instead of your play-side hand, naturally the way depth perception works as it relates to what the body actually does, you will find yourself in perfect position to reach and hook defenders instead of ending up even with a defensive lineman, who as the advantage of running up the field.

wes #70 Weston Richburg, C, Colorado St.



Weston Richburg is a tough, “lunch pale” type player that has displayed toughness through out his career. Many may have not watched Colorado State, let along Richburg, but in my opinion, Richburg is one of the best offensive linemen in the country. He is very consistent an durable, has only had two bad snaps to day and has started every game since 2010. Weston Richburg has showed his versatility by not only playing different positions on the offensive line, but also excelling in zone and power schemes, which show he can fit in with any scheme in the NFL.