Nik EMBERNATE San Diego St. #68 Nik Embernate, OG SDSU#68 Nik Embernate, OG SDSU

HGT: 6-4 WGT: 300

 Embernate has started 45 games dating back to the 4th game of his true-freshman year. Embernate is a big reason why in 2010 and 2011, San Diego St. posted consecutive seasons of 2,000yds rushing, lead by running back, Ronnie Hillman( Denver Broncos). Embernate has been recognized as a pre-season 1st team All-Mountain West offensive lineman. Embernate had a solid senior Season, that saw him gain 1st team All-Mountain West honors


Embernate has good frame, could easily add fifteen pounds of muscle and it won’t slow him down. Shows good athleticism and good feet which stands out on every film I’ve watched of him. Has experience playing right tackle because of injury. Embernate is a mauler in the run-game. In zone schemes he shows the ability to get push at the point of attack and finish blocks and also shows the ability to come off on 2nd level defenders when he is zone combo blocking. Embernate is an outstanding puller that finishes defenders once engaged. Shows a nasty streak which you like to see. Very good in space, shows he can dip his hips and explode on a sitting defender in space or he can change directions and cut when a defender is moving in space. Delivers a solid punch in pass-protection and plays with overall violent hands! Shows he take away the inside in pass-protection and looks comfortable in his pass-demeanor. Does a good job working with the offensive tackle in passing off line games. And does a good job at pointing out potential blitz.


Would like to see Embarnate have better pad level, plays way to high and tries to rely on his strength to finish defenders, instead of leverage. At times he narrows his base on contact which makes him fall off of blocks. Needs to work on hand placement, at times his hands slip outside the frame. Needs to play with more knee bend in his pass-demeanor. At times can be more patient in pass protection. Although I like his nasty mean streak, Embernate has to be careful on blocking defenseless defenders behind the play as it will lead to personal fouls.


The upside I see from Nik Embernate is off the chart. He has some tools that any coach would like to polish with Next-level coaching. Embernate’s skill set and nasty mindset reminds me of Richie Incognito (Miami Dolphins). Embernate may be a sleeper in the 2013 NFL Draft to some, but he has been on my radar for a while. As I project down the road, Nik Embernate will be perfect in any scheme, Zone or Power. Embernate may even be a Center in the NFL. Embernate was not invited to the combine, but I think with a solid pro-day, Embernate could move in to a mid-round pick.

 #68 Nik Embernate, OG SDSU