Cyril Richardson Baylor #68 Cyril Richardson, OG, Baylor

#68 Cyril Richardson, OG, Baylor

HGT: 6-5 WGT: 340



Fifth-year senior. 2012 All-American (second-team AP,, CBSSports). Selected as Big 12 Offensive Lineman of Year (by league coaches). Two-time All-Big 12 honoree. Veteran third-year starter with 38 career games played (sixth-most on squad) and 29 career starts (second-most on team) entering 2013 season. Played one season at left tackle (2011). In 2010 played in 12 out of 13 games with 4 starts. Has benched 400 pounds and recorded 32 reps on 225-pound bench. Has squatted 665 pounds (highest on team)… Former Hurricane Katrina refugee.





Size- Cyril Richardson possesses great size (6’5, 340) looks proportionate and appears to have good arm length.


Versatility- Has started at both guard and left tackle.


Strength- Displays very good overall strength with very good power at the point of attack which allows him to get push.


Attitude- Shows a physical mindset when playing, violent finisher, which is evident in his team-leading 105 knockdowns in 2012.


Movement skills/Agility- Richardson shows good agility and overall movement skills for a player his size, which makes him a very intriguing prospect.


Run Blocking- Richardson displays a combination of power and movement skills when he is asked to pull (which is often in Baylor’s up-tempo offense). Richardson is able to quickly pull and fold to next level to engage linebackers on power plays or kicking out the end man on the line of scrimmage on trap plays. Richardson does a good job jolting opponents and getting push at the point of attack by using his strength, violent hands and hip pop. When asked to combo block with the center or left tackle, Richardson is able to effectively help while keeping his shoulders square which allows him to come off on linebackers at the next level.


Pass Protection- Richardson shows good patience in pass protection and has the agility and foot quickness to mirror and stay in front of defenders.


Punch timing/Hand violence- Richardson shows good punch-timing which allows him to stop the charge of defenders and also allows him to gain control and lockout on opponents. Richardson shows the ability to reset his hands and sit/anchor vs the bull-rush. Shows violent hands in the run and pass game.




Areas of Improvement:


Conditioning- Richardson wears down as the game goes on, largely as a result of Baylor’s fast tempo offense.


Knee bend/ Pad level/ Base- Richardson plays with very inconsistent knee bend which makes his pad level rise. Richardson also plays with an inconsistent base, often his base goes from ideal to narrow, this is evident when he is engaged and driving and falls off of his block because his feet have come to close together without him rolling his hips.


Stance- A big issue that I have noticed from Richardson, that sets up major issues, is that his stance needs to widen out, his butt needs to be up more, his left foot should be planted firmly with weight on his in-step, these tweaks will allow Richardson to generate power as soon as the ball is snapped.


CyrilRichardson1 #68 Cyril Richardson, OG, Baylor

A man of his size should not be playing with a stance like this, this does not allow him to use his power/move efficiently off the snap of the ball.


 As it is now because of his stance: 1) Richardson is very inconsistent in his get off, often the last person out of his stance, this has lead to defenders standing him up on the run and has allowed defenders to take the inside on pass-rush because he has not set quick enough to establish a solid post-foot. 2) Has trouble reaching, sealing and flattening 3-techniques, has to pivot and turn to block them out after they are already up the field. 3) Often false steps when asked to go straight ahead or to double-team, against an elite defensive tackle, not stepping together on a double-team would cause the block to be split an result in disruption in the backfield.

 Cyril2 #68 Cyril Richardson, OG, Baylor

Notice the center stepping up the field on the double-team, Richardson’s 1st step was a foot back, creating a gap







Cyril Richardson’s combination of size, power and good movement skills, have established the 5th year senior as one of the best offensive linemen, not only in the Big, 12 but in the country. There is a lot to like about Richardson, but there is still room for improvement. In my opinion, if Richardson switched his stance to a more efficient and functional stance that would allow for maximum power out-put, it would take care of a lot of his get-off and foot work issues and make him a clear-cut top pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.