Chance Warmack Pic1 #65 Chance Warmack, OG Alabama

HGT: 6-2      WGT: 317 

YR: Sr          Pos: OG


  • Adequate length
  • Massive build, thick thighs and butt
  • Lacks ideal foot quickness but good enough
  • Generates great power at the POA, physical prospect
  • Delivers a good six inch punch, able to lockout
  • Displays hip explosion, exceptional initial blow
  • Able to stick second foot in ground upon initial contact
  • Good short area quickness
  • Good lateral movement
  • Wide base
  • Sets quickly
  • Displays ability to pull
  • Good reach step
  • Good hand placement (more consistency)
  • Plays with a good knee bend (pad level)
  • Exhibits good patience while in Pass Protection
  • Good cut blocker, looks to be physical
  • Displays flat back in Pass Pro with a slight bend
  • Looks to finish off blocks, continuously runs legs
  • Excels in combo blocks and peeling off to second level
  • Takes good angles in reaching second level
  • Displays the ability to anchor down and sit on bull rushes
  • Able to support on stunts/games
  • Possesses proper balance


  • Stiff hips
  • Looks uncomfortable in space
  • Would like to see more consistency in hand placement
  • At times leans onto blocks, more consistency in firing off hands 


Chance Warmack is a stout bodied prospect that possesses great overall power and delivers an ideal initial blow.   Warmack doesn’t possesses elite foot quickness but its good enough.  Although Warmack will need to work on a few technical issues, he is rated in my top 5 overall players.







 #65 Chance Warmack, OG Alabama