Jesse Williams Alabama 275x300 #54 Jesse Williams, DT, Alabama#54 Jesse Williams, DT, Alabama

HGT: 6-3 WGT: 323


Jesse Williams is one of the more recognizable former members of the Alabama Crimson Tide. Originally from Australia, Williams came to Alabama via Arizona Western Junior College in the spring of 2011. As a Junior in 2011, Williams started all 13 games and helped Alabama win a BCS title. In 2012 Williams started 12 games (missed WKU game due to injury) and earned 2nd team All-SEC honors on the way to helping the Crimson Tide win its 2nd consecutive National Championship. Williams finished his career with 60 tackles; 7 tackles for a loss; 1.5 sacks and 7 QB hurries, in two seasons as a member of the Crimson Tide.



Jesse Williams has ideal size for the nose tackle position. Possesses great upper strength. Has a quick and powerful get-off that he uses to penetrate in to the backfield and knock blockers back on their heels. Is able to keep pads low on initial get-off. Jolts blockers with a solid blow delivery from his heavy hands. Is able to swipe and club defenders by when they get to his shoulder. Has shown a quick swim off the line to beat blockers in the run game. Good, not great, initial short area quickness. Plays with great effort and pursues down field when he is fresh. Shows the ability to defeat the cut block with with heavy hands and doesn’t waste time on the ground when he does get cut. Solid at the point of attack against the run. Shows flashes of stalemating and splitting double teams. Is able to explode out and be disruptive in short yardage situations. Because of his strength, Williams is able to push the pocket in passing situations. Very good bull rush. Does a decent job of getting his hands up in throwing lanes when he can not reach the passer.


Average athleticism with average lateral movement. Lacks body control. Williams has short arms (32 in) for a guy of his stature. Has trouble maintaining separation through extension and disengaging off of blocks. Needs to improve at keeping half-man leverage. Must develop his hand placement. Not much of a threat as a pass-rusher, doesn’t possesses escape moves. Would like to see Williams develop more of a pass-rush arsenal set-up off his bull rush. Struggles on long drives and with fast tempo teams, must improve stamina. Plays with inconsistent pad-level, pads tend to rise when he gets tired. At times exposes his chest and allows blockers in to his frame. Carries too much weight in his mid-section, needs to re-shift weight and develop his lower body. Relies on his strength far more than technique. At times drops his head on his get-off and is not able to see plays develop, this has led to him missing tackles in the backfield, this has also led to him ending up on the ground more than you would like to see. At times looks lost, which stems from a lack of football experience, was only introduced to football at 15 years old. Lacks instincts and block recognition, which leads to him guessing wrong and not being able to make more plays that are right in front of him. Does not have the big time statistical production you would like to see from early-round guys.


Jesse Williams is an ideal fit in a 2-gap scheme. Williams’ quick get-off, heavy hands and elite upper body strength, are all tools that will help him make the transition to the NFL as a 3-4 nose tackle. In my opinion, I think Williams possesses some tools and has showed flashes, but never fully put it together at Alabama, which is evident by his underwhelming statistical production. Williams is a raw talent in many aspects, that still will excite teams because of his strength at the P.O.A. I believe, with NFL coaching (On the field/Strength & Conditioning) Williams will develop in to a solid player.


 #54 Jesse Williams, DT, Alabama